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Types of Important Badminton Equipment

Since the first All England Open Badminton Championships were held England in 1899, miilions of individuals took interest in playing badminton. No matter what race, gender or age a large number of individuals play in badminton tournaments held yearly in many parts of the world. Even small cities and towns have created badminton associations so community folks could play weekly or as frequent as they want. Business firms and organizations start their own badminton clubs. However, badminton is a sports activity that requires certain equipments. Whenever you and your friends consider setting a small badminton play area, here are some equipments that you must buy so you can really fully enjoy the game.

Badminton net

This is a necessary badminton equipment since the purpose of the game is to effectively send the shuttlecock from your end to your opponent’s court. The net should stand utilizing rigid poles at both ends. The height o fthe net should be 5 feet in the center while 5 feet and 1 inch on both sides. A player is would not earn a point in case he touches the net with any part of his body or even the racket.


There are two kinds of shuttlecocks composed of different materials like plastic or feather. Feather shuttlecocks come from the left wing of a goose and each shuttle has 16 feathers. Typically, feather shuttlecock is used for indoor play and professional tournaments. It is also valuable to know that there are variousl types of shuttlecocks based on its lightness which influences the drag. Usually, this badminton equipment ‘s average weight is between 4.74 to 5.50 grams. Some shuttlecocks are not fast which tells you of its average quality while higher grades are used in tournaments. Such badminton equipment is often the most used as players normally consume tubes of shuttlecocks for play.

Badminton racket

The badminton equipment which is a must in all games. A player needs to buy at least one badminton racket for playing and another one as extra. An extra racket is handy in case the first racket is broken or the string snaps while in a play. Badminton owners take care of their racket so it is not good to keep on borrowing from friends. Badminton rackets are regarded as a expensive badminton equipment since good rackets cost some money.

If you’re interested in playing badminton, purchase all the badminton equipment that has been mentioned here.

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